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Voss Felvarg - long-three-poem with the big spliff

The Dreams

For a minute -
The dream rushes...
- - -
The string
Is hidden
In the mountains

The puppet
To wild and brave

Book turns
Before the night falls

Tongue falls
Into the smoke rings

Red dress
Made from the wings.

Birds are blue -
They are observing lily white
And talk
Because it keeps them.

One voice...

The Countenance -
Rabble and Punch -
Of man and woman
Have a banquet.

Like animals
They bloom on it.

On walls - on table -
And on arms

SC 1
Razed stone
Is free to bleed
In vale

Unwind -
Rotates and spinning -
Advent of Sunshine

The ship
Is passing fire
And crying blue.

The Errand
Jams the drone -
The midnight lightning

Stars play
With laughing one
Earth full of mirrors
That drift
With the night birds



In cert
The Taste

Happy and glorious
- pulls down the curtain
On the box

People know what they are
They should be happened as dogs

Apollo is absent
As present
For rivalry
The gambler -
Looking back
In anger
Of the enter-tainted-ment
Scandal and concern
Of the sanctuary
- Taste
Lonely Loved One
As red and blue
Charge and laught - delicate
- In balance

Hill like elephant
Shadow of the sun
The phantom and the blue sky

Set the ladder
For the thief -
Protect him
From the slippiest

And send a message to him
On the fiddle

Lone taste
Like and on the green-eye

Sound of still - still sound
And box becomes curtain

Do not allow
To be what you are
As it should happen to the dog

The Big Spliff

Love the way
To fool yourself
And broke the heart
By way to escape
To the black from swamp
With feel of Jump
Oh Blue!
It Runs and Crying
Ones more and more
With tears on teeth

It's Warm
The fire in the mercy
It is his signals

As Silence
Comes into the garden
Out of ice
Like the scorpion
Dark eyed
With the ruby instead of heart

Saint steals the serpent
And paints the rock by it
And takes water from the leafs
And touches flowers
By light

- she tells the story
With the hazy shade
She cries the name
And points what to kiss -
The wave,
Lost in the saying.

She cries:
"Look like green
Is humming!"

On the spiral
With the bubbles
The fire
Colours the sky
The sounds of harp
Hiding the white
And stealing water
Spotlights drift
In gold by bong
The light reflects.
The sounds of harp
Hiding the bubbles
in a white
While spotlights drifting
To the gold
The light reflects in reverie
And skips to
The birds that rest on lake

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