понеділок, 22 листопада 2010 р.

Voss Felvarg - Ceremony

Slumber and reverie
Never end - in truth
The senses
Choose the time
Like person
With doubts and denial

The ceremony
With the Temptation
For the place
Where everything is going to green
With hurt
And cries and whispers meshed
- - -
In Consent
All Stand
Silent faces
Ecstasy leaves them alone
Blue with some sand
Confused like thieves
And lonesome for the kill
- - -
In love - kissing
Watching time at night
Sunrise make the elegy
And faces up
The shellshock - shame
That let the hike
To the salvation
Between vultures
- - -
The victim
More, more, more

Ain't born again
But singing thrill
And humming sweet
- excited

The chain
And silver string
At night
Are singing with the Guitar
- - -
It is like paradise
And As it is
When it was
Like paradise
Breaking the way bizzarely
By dust
Then counting
Touched by the hand
Their faith
- - -
Time to make the way
Of rounds of love and guilt
Where all will run and vanish
To lines - in marsh - in motion
About the price
The ruined and offended
Lying to time
And changing it
By avanlanche.
The crystal
Running wildly
To turn
In vicious streak and notion
- - -

To celebrate the time
The Flies come to the fruits
To en-joy them.

The Wheel is on the way -
And setting free the water
For the eyes
And the heart calls it "sea"
With the wave
Which is throbbing in swamp

Caressing -
Condemning -

Feeling the rush -
How It strips the wheel:
With the pleasure,
Taken from the razor
The revolves like the door
In opening of the secret



Now hear
How rocks fall
On the horses
How they fall down
With love
In knowing everything
And Travelling like a gypsies -
Catching the beat
And making the music -

Rain comes
Within it
The sound of gospel
And rain turns to the smoke

It's yelling, so contrary
Making the lock for the door
In the tango
Turning out the light
And leaving it
In the deserted deep
Where sky would bring the rain
Which will fall down
Like paper on the plants
Like drink
And piching
Singing like a swan
At night and shaking
Dizzy La
Landing in chains
In waltz
Laughing and crying at smoke
That flow
Then fly from wave
Of sunchine

понеділок, 15 листопада 2010 р.

Voss Felvarg - ":C:"

One hundred years
Of hanging the figure
Of head in the cold
And in break
In demise and temptation

Reflection play the sound
Of a forest
At journeys night
And Grind the eerie thing to the hook
And then fire imagines
Face of the hero on tail
in cry, fading smiles
In passion
Accurate - halt
Reflection digs

Opens the high
Green edge
For the trust of the cut

Dog shakes the bird
Wall wails
And dressing up like pillar
Pig is in the mirror
With fruits, fish and bones

Between them - blood
Pushes in six different ways
The scream - The screw - the sink

In kiss catches torture
Then warms the snake sleeping
Making picture on a plain
As dance for lullaby
As pray for fascination
The water deepens

In fear
Of too much
Of the magnificence
Of the citizen
Hearse the night
Seduce the scape
Rock to the body
Blob to the Mask

Predator in the dream
Is judging the blow
In the darkness

Erasing the blessed
With the scorpions

The visit
From the clouds.

The Conversation
Of three colours.

Not Reconciled:
Ooze-Trickle outrage -
A throw of dice.

Hear -  the wind
It sparkles.
Cry and Silence.

Look closer -
In the rounds
of Red and White

The bells are going
To the tree
To ring cantata
Then Rhapsody at dawn
And walking backwards
At waltz of blue.
It will be grey stone.


To earth with heart
And water on a plate.

With wings -
Evasive and elusive -
The mask
On edge
- the black.

That black Admires The Red

And light consents - the splash
The restless colours - radiant
Pain-tss the eyes
And storming silently
Unquiet point
The light - their love and silence
Then spells
The line of grace
The edge
Now in the mirror -
as a pearl.

Blank rides
To orbit
Which is bed
For the unmade
Who rests
As vortex

In Antedate -
Give me the peril-
And Reverie...

In still mirth and
In precious grope
To strip
And walk...
and walk...
and walk...

Becoming island
Where stars blow
With wish to die
As puppets in procession

The dreamy Voices
Fabulously Shouting
At sun and rainfall

The heart and the glass
The heat is between them -
Parallel lines
Congest the gorge -
And the Tide
Goes through it.

Rapture -
Walk and follow
All that dark...


A man walks down
The staircase,
Passing a window
And looking in:

Woman is standing,
drying her hair
And a towel
Covers her face.

The door opens
Bringing the emptiness
And the jar.

Like the lightning and the rope
The heart
Can Hold
Can hold the lake on the side
And give the sweets
Together with the time

To ascend
With the will
In play of grounds
- blue murder and smear,
The Fits
-ent and terse
In chant
To teach the beauty
To the bodies
Loosen into air

Like blossoms
They hear the kick
And think about the flood
The water on the border - talk
And captivate the blood by shame
While getting closer
To be the burden

Turns to red
And apostates
To sun

It comes to be the storm
Of fire and wrath

In twilight


Bliss Rising
Sun at Night
Red and Blue
As Heart


The tune survives - in mean and broken
Happened the shake - and lost the telling
Got Some Outside - in G Ain't Quit It

Every day - the sight gets sight
And still it hums so sweet
Boogie and thrilling with chains

Beware, beware - just like the woman boogie
Buzz and Choo-Choo
Knock and kiss and roll
Down and out - riding
Long long long - to key
And worried
Beating like a hammers
Holding the shine and the rain

And making love and laughter - To leave the Fall
And know the peace - and making no
The action - speaking loud - and bet on top
Reflecting honour - by the word
And wishing the string - for sentiment
And crossing the wonderful

The Burning
Makes a hit
Pricking the ears
And get laid
Grifting and snapping


Fa Fa Fa!
La La Lee!
Fledging high so simple
Like a Ballet - In a boat

Moon comes
As nothing sacred
Flows slowly
By the desire
Of whip and apology

Pouring ashes
Spending frug
Seeing hustle
In the rhythm
On the nice face
Sweet and in cry
Going Going Going

неділя, 7 листопада 2010 р.

Voss Felvarg - long-three-poem with the big spliff

The Dreams

For a minute -
The dream rushes...
- - -
The string
Is hidden
In the mountains

The puppet
To wild and brave

Book turns
Before the night falls

Tongue falls
Into the smoke rings

Red dress
Made from the wings.

Birds are blue -
They are observing lily white
And talk
Because it keeps them.

One voice...

The Countenance -
Rabble and Punch -
Of man and woman
Have a banquet.

Like animals
They bloom on it.

On walls - on table -
And on arms

SC 1
Razed stone
Is free to bleed
In vale

Unwind -
Rotates and spinning -
Advent of Sunshine

The ship
Is passing fire
And crying blue.

The Errand
Jams the drone -
The midnight lightning

Stars play
With laughing one
Earth full of mirrors
That drift
With the night birds



In cert
The Taste

Happy and glorious
- pulls down the curtain
On the box

People know what they are
They should be happened as dogs

Apollo is absent
As present
For rivalry
The gambler -
Looking back
In anger
Of the enter-tainted-ment
Scandal and concern
Of the sanctuary
- Taste
Lonely Loved One
As red and blue
Charge and laught - delicate
- In balance

Hill like elephant
Shadow of the sun
The phantom and the blue sky

Set the ladder
For the thief -
Protect him
From the slippiest

And send a message to him
On the fiddle

Lone taste
Like and on the green-eye

Sound of still - still sound
And box becomes curtain

Do not allow
To be what you are
As it should happen to the dog

The Big Spliff

Love the way
To fool yourself
And broke the heart
By way to escape
To the black from swamp
With feel of Jump
Oh Blue!
It Runs and Crying
Ones more and more
With tears on teeth

It's Warm
The fire in the mercy
It is his signals

As Silence
Comes into the garden
Out of ice
Like the scorpion
Dark eyed
With the ruby instead of heart

Saint steals the serpent
And paints the rock by it
And takes water from the leafs
And touches flowers
By light

- she tells the story
With the hazy shade
She cries the name
And points what to kiss -
The wave,
Lost in the saying.

She cries:
"Look like green
Is humming!"

On the spiral
With the bubbles
The fire
Colours the sky
The sounds of harp
Hiding the white
And stealing water
Spotlights drift
In gold by bong
The light reflects.
The sounds of harp
Hiding the bubbles
in a white
While spotlights drifting
To the gold
The light reflects in reverie
And skips to
The birds that rest on lake

вівторок, 31 серпня 2010 р.

Voss Felvarg - Like a thing and that kin


For what-ever reason,
Either indigence or upheaval,
Trying to eavesdrop
On a con-versatio-n.
That might be read as Laughter
- In it's majestic observation
Of the Free
That should be songs
That will display that Awe

Of Knowing and beget.

Mellow mellow mellow
Bum bum.
All - hole - ding-ding.
Shame shame shame - the lame
Struts...and then explode
Oh-leisure swing

Shorts up the lightning,
Which's crazy long
For world which sits and preach'
On top - so tight
And moaning -
Oh-leisure swing

Pick up the ice
And stomp on good.
Then shake the meat
For dust on locks and bells.
And do the dance
Oh-leisure swing

2. Condition
Stay with
All days and all nights -

It would be disguise.

Dance on the street
Where crimson is -

It would be in line.

Make yourself see
Like a letter -

It would be yesterday.

Silence and gold
On the end.

On the sun
And take your eyes
Into the end beautiful

Only rhythm

Takin' off
In the twist

In the rain

4. Changeling
Harvest on the road.
Coming to the round
And breaks the back.

Behind the music -
Five men on the road
Dancing and
Changing the meat
Under the moon.

While someone's crawling.

- - -
Carrying the duty
To act as a link -
Ending up body
Cheerful and friendly.

2.The Judder
Spoiling and rattling
By rivals on crunchy -
For fed and for burn,
For flush and for glare.

The loot -
- In the fuss:
In Jingle - grip-and-seize -
Flapping by wings,
Waving by hands:

Dancing -
- Drifting -

"Here -
Is still

Glimpses, flashes,
Glimmer-shimmer -
The Sheen
In twitch and blink.

- ...For what?
- For the desire?
For love?
For the em-motion-otiose,
For look...?

The swing - the trembling -
In Jitters - Bounce!
The Quiver

Ticking to bring
The point
To forge the shade.
3. Delectation
It is an Epic -
- St-retch
- Hide and see-k,
And screw -

It crucifies a silent precious
And catch
The tears
Below the hands

The ring of bell
For passers -
Watch the clouds
And catch
A sleazy blood
As spark as bliss -
Below -
Nor red - nor orange.

Then wait and feel -

The beat rings.
With gasp and sneer.
For clock
In deeper dirt -

And in the water
Near the door
Paws blows
For fire
To the wind.

4. Eduction
And black.
Blowing the dust -
As flawed as fog
And Frozen by rain -

To make the ground glaze
With circles, crystals, dunes and pellets -
Then comes the spikes:

...a Jumble, blizzard
And the storm...

All mixed
On a shore -
As grains,
On which the lines can roll -
As thunder,
And drift as squall,
Half-visible and solid.

On riot -
Turns into
Waves of ambers...

- Pitiful -
- Merciful - 
- Painful -
- Tormented.
- Anxious -
- Blessed -
Bright and in Loving
- Mortified -
- Holy -  
- Proud -
In bright and Inspired -
Who knows the joy,
And knew the pain of have and to have not.

The end beat -
Anticipate the night -
Lost in the shades and motion -

In light and shadow,
That sings like moon
And sounds like pops.

Like lullaby.

In the circle
On the dross
Spinning - Whipping

Black was flowing
To the ocean,
As a porch
- the Garden happened
(Somewhere deep).

- - -
And beast goes there
To leash the blood
For rear:

Hails to the tree
By the smile
- And Given to fly
For the hiding.

Sleight hand is parting
Dice are falling to the light

7. Entreaty
Oh the kind,
oh fever -
The play of voices -
Freeze them - Break
While they are dreaming!

Oh, Then rot to black
To be the substance
That will clean
Defeated in the game
Before the end
While they're waiting!
- - -
Oh omen -
The nubile's coming!
So loud,
She hangs like puppet,
She purge the walls around
For the waves.
She hides herself in the stones...

But she's so vigil and astride -
The Lust -
She rends her ropes
To make the flowers
- The Gallant Scream...
...The echo and the mirage.