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Voss Felvarg - ":C:"

One hundred years
Of hanging the figure
Of head in the cold
And in break
In demise and temptation

Reflection play the sound
Of a forest
At journeys night
And Grind the eerie thing to the hook
And then fire imagines
Face of the hero on tail
in cry, fading smiles
In passion
Accurate - halt
Reflection digs

Opens the high
Green edge
For the trust of the cut

Dog shakes the bird
Wall wails
And dressing up like pillar
Pig is in the mirror
With fruits, fish and bones

Between them - blood
Pushes in six different ways
The scream - The screw - the sink

In kiss catches torture
Then warms the snake sleeping
Making picture on a plain
As dance for lullaby
As pray for fascination
The water deepens

In fear
Of too much
Of the magnificence
Of the citizen
Hearse the night
Seduce the scape
Rock to the body
Blob to the Mask

Predator in the dream
Is judging the blow
In the darkness

Erasing the blessed
With the scorpions

The visit
From the clouds.

The Conversation
Of three colours.

Not Reconciled:
Ooze-Trickle outrage -
A throw of dice.

Hear -  the wind
It sparkles.
Cry and Silence.

Look closer -
In the rounds
of Red and White

The bells are going
To the tree
To ring cantata
Then Rhapsody at dawn
And walking backwards
At waltz of blue.
It will be grey stone.


To earth with heart
And water on a plate.

With wings -
Evasive and elusive -
The mask
On edge
- the black.

That black Admires The Red

And light consents - the splash
The restless colours - radiant
Pain-tss the eyes
And storming silently
Unquiet point
The light - their love and silence
Then spells
The line of grace
The edge
Now in the mirror -
as a pearl.

Blank rides
To orbit
Which is bed
For the unmade
Who rests
As vortex

In Antedate -
Give me the peril-
And Reverie...

In still mirth and
In precious grope
To strip
And walk...
and walk...
and walk...

Becoming island
Where stars blow
With wish to die
As puppets in procession

The dreamy Voices
Fabulously Shouting
At sun and rainfall

The heart and the glass
The heat is between them -
Parallel lines
Congest the gorge -
And the Tide
Goes through it.

Rapture -
Walk and follow
All that dark...


A man walks down
The staircase,
Passing a window
And looking in:

Woman is standing,
drying her hair
And a towel
Covers her face.

The door opens
Bringing the emptiness
And the jar.

Like the lightning and the rope
The heart
Can Hold
Can hold the lake on the side
And give the sweets
Together with the time

To ascend
With the will
In play of grounds
- blue murder and smear,
The Fits
-ent and terse
In chant
To teach the beauty
To the bodies
Loosen into air

Like blossoms
They hear the kick
And think about the flood
The water on the border - talk
And captivate the blood by shame
While getting closer
To be the burden

Turns to red
And apostates
To sun

It comes to be the storm
Of fire and wrath

In twilight


Bliss Rising
Sun at Night
Red and Blue
As Heart


The tune survives - in mean and broken
Happened the shake - and lost the telling
Got Some Outside - in G Ain't Quit It

Every day - the sight gets sight
And still it hums so sweet
Boogie and thrilling with chains

Beware, beware - just like the woman boogie
Buzz and Choo-Choo
Knock and kiss and roll
Down and out - riding
Long long long - to key
And worried
Beating like a hammers
Holding the shine and the rain

And making love and laughter - To leave the Fall
And know the peace - and making no
The action - speaking loud - and bet on top
Reflecting honour - by the word
And wishing the string - for sentiment
And crossing the wonderful

The Burning
Makes a hit
Pricking the ears
And get laid
Grifting and snapping


Fa Fa Fa!
La La Lee!
Fledging high so simple
Like a Ballet - In a boat

Moon comes
As nothing sacred
Flows slowly
By the desire
Of whip and apology

Pouring ashes
Spending frug
Seeing hustle
In the rhythm
On the nice face
Sweet and in cry
Going Going Going

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