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Voss Felvarg - Like a thing and that kin


For what-ever reason,
Either indigence or upheaval,
Trying to eavesdrop
On a con-versatio-n.
That might be read as Laughter
- In it's majestic observation
Of the Free
That should be songs
That will display that Awe

Of Knowing and beget.

Mellow mellow mellow
Bum bum.
All - hole - ding-ding.
Shame shame shame - the lame
Struts...and then explode
Oh-leisure swing

Shorts up the lightning,
Which's crazy long
For world which sits and preach'
On top - so tight
And moaning -
Oh-leisure swing

Pick up the ice
And stomp on good.
Then shake the meat
For dust on locks and bells.
And do the dance
Oh-leisure swing

2. Condition
Stay with
All days and all nights -

It would be disguise.

Dance on the street
Where crimson is -

It would be in line.

Make yourself see
Like a letter -

It would be yesterday.

Silence and gold
On the end.

On the sun
And take your eyes
Into the end beautiful

Only rhythm

Takin' off
In the twist

In the rain

4. Changeling
Harvest on the road.
Coming to the round
And breaks the back.

Behind the music -
Five men on the road
Dancing and
Changing the meat
Under the moon.

While someone's crawling.

- - -
Carrying the duty
To act as a link -
Ending up body
Cheerful and friendly.

2.The Judder
Spoiling and rattling
By rivals on crunchy -
For fed and for burn,
For flush and for glare.

The loot -
- In the fuss:
In Jingle - grip-and-seize -
Flapping by wings,
Waving by hands:

Dancing -
- Drifting -

"Here -
Is still

Glimpses, flashes,
Glimmer-shimmer -
The Sheen
In twitch and blink.

- ...For what?
- For the desire?
For love?
For the em-motion-otiose,
For look...?

The swing - the trembling -
In Jitters - Bounce!
The Quiver

Ticking to bring
The point
To forge the shade.
3. Delectation
It is an Epic -
- St-retch
- Hide and see-k,
And screw -

It crucifies a silent precious
And catch
The tears
Below the hands

The ring of bell
For passers -
Watch the clouds
And catch
A sleazy blood
As spark as bliss -
Below -
Nor red - nor orange.

Then wait and feel -

The beat rings.
With gasp and sneer.
For clock
In deeper dirt -

And in the water
Near the door
Paws blows
For fire
To the wind.

4. Eduction
And black.
Blowing the dust -
As flawed as fog
And Frozen by rain -

To make the ground glaze
With circles, crystals, dunes and pellets -
Then comes the spikes:

...a Jumble, blizzard
And the storm...

All mixed
On a shore -
As grains,
On which the lines can roll -
As thunder,
And drift as squall,
Half-visible and solid.

On riot -
Turns into
Waves of ambers...

- Pitiful -
- Merciful - 
- Painful -
- Tormented.
- Anxious -
- Blessed -
Bright and in Loving
- Mortified -
- Holy -  
- Proud -
In bright and Inspired -
Who knows the joy,
And knew the pain of have and to have not.

The end beat -
Anticipate the night -
Lost in the shades and motion -

In light and shadow,
That sings like moon
And sounds like pops.

Like lullaby.

In the circle
On the dross
Spinning - Whipping

Black was flowing
To the ocean,
As a porch
- the Garden happened
(Somewhere deep).

- - -
And beast goes there
To leash the blood
For rear:

Hails to the tree
By the smile
- And Given to fly
For the hiding.

Sleight hand is parting
Dice are falling to the light

7. Entreaty
Oh the kind,
oh fever -
The play of voices -
Freeze them - Break
While they are dreaming!

Oh, Then rot to black
To be the substance
That will clean
Defeated in the game
Before the end
While they're waiting!
- - -
Oh omen -
The nubile's coming!
So loud,
She hangs like puppet,
She purge the walls around
For the waves.
She hides herself in the stones...

But she's so vigil and astride -
The Lust -
She rends her ropes
To make the flowers
- The Gallant Scream...
...The echo and the mirage.


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