понеділок, 22 листопада 2010 р.

Voss Felvarg - Ceremony

Slumber and reverie
Never end - in truth
The senses
Choose the time
Like person
With doubts and denial

The ceremony
With the Temptation
For the place
Where everything is going to green
With hurt
And cries and whispers meshed
- - -
In Consent
All Stand
Silent faces
Ecstasy leaves them alone
Blue with some sand
Confused like thieves
And lonesome for the kill
- - -
In love - kissing
Watching time at night
Sunrise make the elegy
And faces up
The shellshock - shame
That let the hike
To the salvation
Between vultures
- - -
The victim
More, more, more

Ain't born again
But singing thrill
And humming sweet
- excited

The chain
And silver string
At night
Are singing with the Guitar
- - -
It is like paradise
And As it is
When it was
Like paradise
Breaking the way bizzarely
By dust
Then counting
Touched by the hand
Their faith
- - -
Time to make the way
Of rounds of love and guilt
Where all will run and vanish
To lines - in marsh - in motion
About the price
The ruined and offended
Lying to time
And changing it
By avanlanche.
The crystal
Running wildly
To turn
In vicious streak and notion
- - -

To celebrate the time
The Flies come to the fruits
To en-joy them.

The Wheel is on the way -
And setting free the water
For the eyes
And the heart calls it "sea"
With the wave
Which is throbbing in swamp

Caressing -
Condemning -

Feeling the rush -
How It strips the wheel:
With the pleasure,
Taken from the razor
The revolves like the door
In opening of the secret



Now hear
How rocks fall
On the horses
How they fall down
With love
In knowing everything
And Travelling like a gypsies -
Catching the beat
And making the music -

Rain comes
Within it
The sound of gospel
And rain turns to the smoke

It's yelling, so contrary
Making the lock for the door
In the tango
Turning out the light
And leaving it
In the deserted deep
Where sky would bring the rain
Which will fall down
Like paper on the plants
Like drink
And piching
Singing like a swan
At night and shaking
Dizzy La
Landing in chains
In waltz
Laughing and crying at smoke
That flow
Then fly from wave
Of sunchine

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