неділя, 18 грудня 2011 р.

Joseph Kushluk - The Moves and Over the Great Up-THere

The Moves

Slowly Moving
Up, both sides,
Like horns,
The Hands in vampire moves
From Dracula, the thirty-one.

Then left hand
Making something Japanese
The Gesture of the Honour Saving
Something of the soul move 
in the air

And whistle is here
Of some heat 
from some tight-closed cracks
Slowly rambling


Over the Great Up-There

The hands are like
The justice statue's weights
- The Hands are Hashing.
In the five by four
Hashing generosity,
Searching for the pun
In beaten punks
By sound-beat,
(After all -)
Waiting for the Second
Something -
To the hands
In the Bounce
Of The justice statue's weights
After the plates are cleaned up
"Case Resolved", "Mission Complete"... 

The melody 
From walking bass
In major D
With rock and swing inside
Is rubbing Great Up-there

And showing 
Over the Great Up-there.

(dry friction)

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