неділя, 18 грудня 2011 р.


The suns. The Two
Are in the garden
And You are in prepare
To go and take away
The suns. The Two.

Because You're living 
by a dream
Fulfilled, accomplished - 

The Two, the Suns
Placed in the Garden
You are in preparation
To go and take away them
Back or Forth - 
For real
The Two. The Suns.

Non Nie Y

The one
Translation of the text,
Chinese one or it's fake - no matter,
That was printed
One Time ago
Then It was spoiled
By my cup
With tea, i think
But hope - it's vine

So letters blurred some way
Became a kind of fog,
The Mirage

Just like it really was:
Written on a bamboo stick
Then thrown to stream of Yangtze
catched by stranger
Written by another stranger

(You can imagine
What happened to the glyphs)

Rewritten by the second one another
Flowing in the web
And later catched once more 
to be translated
With the dictionary
Comparing glyphs
For longest while
And giving up
With instinct: "Time will construct"

So time let something to be spoiled
To let the image in.

And after it's here:

"Everything and every thing 
i wish and want to
write-then-spell -or spit
(depends on situation)

- the moment - 
- the collected - 

and under sea
Descending and descending
Ascenting and Ascenting
So it goes So slow
So it goes So slow

Palms turn out - 
Bending - for the ding

Smoky ending 
For the eye
Like round with round with round
- different colors every round
Like wheel in wheel in wheel
The mechanism - maybe
Just turning
While the din goes on

Descending and descending
Ascenting and Ascenting


You're no good
You're talking
In your time
You're dying
In your constance
You're in sorrow
of your No goods

No no no
Goo Goo Goo
D.(ee) D.(ee) D.(ee)

Let it...
let it Ha!
let it Ha!

(There's nothing in your dye
That says it like i said before)

You're No
You're talking
In your - 
You Are - 
Of Your...

No No No

You know,
You talk
In yours - 
You Are...
of yours

Or not, but..


She goes 
at night
and gardening 
the night

By drops 
from hand 
of nothing 

- empty hands
Are dropping 
emptiness to darkness

Grow! Grow!
Time will pass
the garden will be
As it is - 
The dark
Someone's walking 
Making drops of nothing
From the hands
In hope - 
there will be bloom
Just covered 
From the eyes...


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