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Voss Felvarg - The JP

Kissing hot
Shake and shiver
Looks like fight

Curtain rattled by the bones
And children throw the fetter
To the gold cup
In the search of the fish

From west
To Fly
At night -
of Belonging.

Someone to remember
As phantom - as cobra - as woman

The spiral
That kills
The Mirror
Clock goes out of cry
With Whistle
Smooth and rough crimson

3. The Scene
Gone ragged and dirty
With blood to the eyes -
Sick love -
In the making
The Road dirtY:

Bang - boom - crash - bang
Lays the strike -

Than Comes dance - the chorus
So hollow
Than blast and blow
And swill
With abandon

A florid mark
Excited and Delighted.
Blatant - oh give a cry,
A bray, a bump, a chitter-screech -


On one fine day
The air opens
For a minute -
In the dark.

It goes
To favour
The electricity -
In gloom.

Then night
Comes swimming -
And rises

As a gift
Then make a kiss
For the corner
And goes
The sludge round
In sluggish fare

Laugh happens
And war in absurd

Reflections on the center -
The Amusement
With wax -
Eating to search
A good-bye.

The fire whets

6. Re Vera
Starting candlelight -
Walks like cat
And so he entertain...

Then awakes
From the wind -
And hears
The ravelation
From the cage
About the price
About the dance
About the animal (or beast?)...

-The echo
From the wind
And now he looks
For noise
In sands:
Pastoral - cascade...

Weary eyes
Look at the roots:
Sounds of lullaby...

Animal visits him
In the dark...

The wind
For the head.
Birds are taking his rags.
So now he can trot
To flowers
With feather -
Feast (On the lane?)...

Smile turns to lightning
The rain and the bells -
Embraced by the wave
That reach that empty wag
- ("The harlequin")
As a snow.

Just before the laugh
With Love and Squalor
From pretty mouth:

"Go see the Hang
Of broken empty one.
The Long Hang"...


Now he inverts
To soft -
Concerned for the release -
Mad, Strange
Slight turn -

Worms are swinging
Making flutes

From each other
In wiggle dream:
Women singing
then walk back

Up to the mirror
And they break it -
In Dance of trance
In love with paper
Between two limbs

Ob! - Un! - Ub!

And Roll to fire

Drawing the back
of the man
Who walked the line
And fell on ice
When saw the war
Of shadows talking
Inside the line

The ring of leaves -
Turn over round
And crook as curve in twist...

...bypass the clock
And carry image
On hands...

- The sounds:
Got up and fell
Shove with whistle,
More and more,

Arms open:
Covered face with cloth
For leap.

The punch of hands and feet
By melody -
They feel the best
Of heat -
The fever is the key

To touch -
To fool around
By shoes

Then sit to feel the walk
Of free to feel the joy:

One moment
In building of wall
Wise to save the strange by logic -

Dreams are gone up to the show
They breakdown to the surprise
And as a chance for rain
They become flowers
While the wine spills
To the weapon.

On top
Whine of magnet, of steel
- open space
To eat
In light

Home is waiting
As a dream
Which named the wrong

Lied! -

And more:
The world posses
The Out -
As the noise
Come up like "yes"
Around the forest.
In twilight,
When halos playing
And scare the hands -
That used for ocean -
By haze and fire.

The Hike
With the dance turns
Black tulip
To East,
To West,
To East
And then Outside -

Where law is
For compass.

Make ill-equal
See the circus -
For play of incendiaries:

The life of fish -
After the bruise-upheaval
When brier send errands
From sea to steam -

As a trap
Tempted -
To Look at the teeth
To Look at the rainbow -

It's funny:
- Confession -
Whistle -
Gets the edge -
Even the rain
Turns to honey.

I don't mind
If I gone
To the La-la-la
Where lies
A too much
Of allright.

Oh please and please not -
True matter the ox -
Oh circles -
Where all the Explains
For meagre -
Roll to leave

Motoring heat wave
With shouts and shimmy
To run-run for cobs
And look 'way to see
The sadness of the quick

The bottle brings the night
With walk on the moon
That is on the bed:

The vision - the stare:
At land
Where wish is death.


The hole.
Those who stand close
Have the tears -
They run around
And fall down to the coal.

The voice for head - the bomb.
The stop.
The rain
Where shadows is.
Are collecting it.

Ball to gum
Long Long Long
The Shot

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