четвер, 21 квітня 2011 р.

Voss Felvarg - Fourteen G's

No? No Ay E. No Ayour. No Ay-Ay. No Ie-Ie.

Sincere conscious desperate question 
in moving of storms
To delightness of ill literated and diplomed

Simply got mattered in answer divinest 
Coining the passages
From the patterns to the samples

The core is forgiving

No? No Ay E. No Ayour. No Ay-Ay. No Ie-Ie.

I would be good
If in the wood 
Will be concluded -
with the laughing gas-light and the lighter

I will be good
If all the rolls 
Around in roar of temption
Are all the others 
as in the hot place spot is going up to the sun 

I should be good
If tearing is the verb of honour
For the greater Pluck of heavens ground and feet
And something really under and inside
Which spills for animals and spoils for the hole
From it to bring another one

I shall be good
If romance of the cadaverous 
Will be stratal in every way
And honest by hands will be rolling the line 
After coming
In the spontaneous 
riddle and tease - puzzle knot ease

C L A S P - tch...
Tight the screw - Loose the screw
Turning Right Up - Turning Left down 
On the back - On the chest 
Jerking - the motion is so
Water incoming out of 
And opened for bigger of air that there is

Aloof Luan Luau

Only the Lubb-Dubb Important

Give and Take 
Take and Give

Little whistle at the right side 
- doodlin'
Little whisper at the left side 
- jammin'
Hand Shake - Scatting

Chick of the knee
Flick of the wrist

Eye-swing at the right side
- Allurement
Lip-Eat at the left side
- Enticement
Ruptile Rupture - The Eruption

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