четвер, 24 вересня 2009 р.

Joseph Kushluk - St...


I am the Wat
From the Asounding Frenzyfying Slut
Zooing-zooming Dread Fullfill
Coming aboard Wearing False Breastcaust
Killing Call-road and a Fiend
Wow the sEmen

Choir sings:

Idare Et!
Efes AHAT!
Nar Sha-ada.

Picture of the larger clash:
Cedo - atopine and atro
The CORRIDA! Round-round-round...
Flense - hubris
Flatricide - plier - thumb-thumb.

I hear the bottle falling up the straight
Brand belly measure Sisky crown
Just fighting like a rolling bum
Come gather powder bow
Could you do that right?

You doo right!

I see the woman failing line bean
Came over with the dust sperm seed
She kind of funny walking lead
But in the fact she got boots of steel
Who's got the balls of steel?
Come gather funny game.

Three dots is here
For all that happened

They said you were in her
Dwelling the twilight to darkness besides
And Underneath the Sun
That going to rise the hammer just on the middle of the head
And every cross got milk and turned to blue
Wit all that comes out of red
And says:
Sweet Yandred Dread Bring Out Your Bread!

They are...
With all The Transe
They cannot say a truish thing
Because the tower is for heads to roll.
I do believe beware before the beast of man arise
For long the problem is unsolved,
there is a riddle:
Who got pooed?
And what is poo itself?

A game for means to be so wise
To see the world in brown tones
Or just left obstacle with lighter and some holy smoke?


It comes to apartment
With boredom and lone.
"The hands" is smile.
"The legs" is rumble.


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